Wood I-joists... Better Than Conventional Framing

At York P-B Truss we take pride in providing our customers with premium quality products and services. Our full range of I-joists are manufactured to provide consistent, high performance floor and roof systems.

Engineered wood products, and specifically I-joists offer advantages over conventional limber products that result in savings for the builder and long-term performance benefits for the homeowner.

I-joists are installed using traditional framing tools and fasteners. With long lengths, I-joists are used in multiple span applications, thus reducing cutting, overlapping and material waste at the job site. Also, since I-joists span longer distances than traditional framing lumber, the joist spacing can be wider, resulting in fewer pieces to handle and install.

The wider flange used in all IB series provide a larger gluing and nailing surface for floor and roof sheathing. These lightweight joists will not twist, warp or shrink and are more uniform in their dimensions than solid lumber. Our joists are available in depths from 9.5" to 20" and lengths up to 48 feet.

International Beams Inc.'s I-joists are recognized as an innovative solution to the building industry's floor and roof framing needs.

Floor Performance
Our broad range of I-joists provides the builder with flexibility in joist selection, spacing and construction detail. Although all values contained here meet or exceed code requirements, long-term floor performance (comfort) should be considered in all construction projects.

The following suggestions will increase the floor stiffness and reduce floor vibration:

Using floor deflection of L/480 instead
• • of the code minimum of L/360.
Gluing and nailing the sub-floor to the joists.
Attaching gypsum board to the bottom of the floor.
Decreasing the joist spacing by one
• • increment based on allowable span.
Using full depth I-joist blocking panels
• • at mid span between floor joists.
Using deeper joists.
Using thicker sub-floor, i.e. 3/4" or 7/8".
Attaching strapping at 16" o/c.

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International Beams Inc. manufactures and tests its products to very high quality control standards. We are confident that our products will provide our customers with consistent high performance when handled and installed in accordance with our Installation Guide. We guarantee that our products are defect-free and capable of supporting loads as specified in our product literature for the life of the structure.

Environmental Choice
In choosing wood as a construction material, you are choosing the only building material that is made from renewable resources. Due to sustainable forest practices, the volume of wood in our forests has actually increased by 35% in the last 25 years.

International Beams' I-joists are made from two wood products. The flanges are made from small dimension lumber that is sawn from small trees and the tops of larger trees. The web is a special grade of oriented strand-board that is made from under-utilized wood species. Both components assist in achieving total utilization of each tree harvested.

When considering total environmental impact including extraction of raw materials, energy required during manufacturing, emissions from manufacturing operations, and energy efficiency of buildings, International Beams' I-joists are among the most environmentally friendly building products available.