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Welcome to York P-B Truss

In our state-of-the-art production facility, our skilled employees utilize the most technologically advanced truss manufacturing equipment available to produce the best precision built trusses in the industry.

The manufacturing process begins with high quality lumber being precisely cut with our computerized saws. Cut lumber is then positioned into laser guided truss configurations on our assembly tables before being plated and rolled. Our central roller transport system then moves the truss to where the finishing roller firmly presses the steel plates into the now completed truss. As trusses exit the building, automatic stackers sort, lift, and hold them in place until your entire order is complete and ready to be shipped to your job site.

Dedicated to excellence in customer service, Engineered to produce the highest quality components, committed to on-time delivery; York P-B Truss
looks forward to assisting you with
your next construction project.